Our world is filled with fragmented and broken relationships. Men and women have damaged their relationships with God and their relationships with each other. God’s Grace is the perfect foundation for functional, joy-filled relationships. Our vision is to lead and guide people as they seek to build up/rebuild their spiritual and human relationships, upon the Gospel of Grace.


Worship Built on Grace

When God’s Grace flows into our lives, passionate worship of God is the natural outflow. Through corporate worship, we honor and glorify God, focusing on His Word and its power to change lives by the work of His Grace.

Families Built on Grace

Our primary human relationships are with our families—husbands, wives, parents, children, and siblings. We are called to love each other as Christ first loved us. We aim to equip both traditional and fragmented families to strive for that high calling, as God’s Grace transforms their priorities, preferences and passions.

Community Groups Built on Grace

We may live in close geographic proximity to one another, but God calls us to live in close emotional and spiritual proximity to one another. In community groups, we create an opportunity to walk through this life together, sharing God-given Grace with one another.

Service Built on Grace

Our service has two vital components—serving our community and serving our church family. We partner with our community through service outreach and by serving in community-wide events. Our goal is not simply to serve, but to always show off God’s amazing Grace to those who do not yet know Him.

God has also entrusted unique Grace gifts to every Christian for the purpose of building up His church. We work diligently to equip each believer to faithfully serve in our local church, drawing motivation for that service not from ourselves, but from God’s Grace.